Filling Up A Bench

I ask myself, how hard is it to fill up a bench with people around you? In fact, it may not be hard if you give incentives to ask strangers to pose with you at a bench, but it may be much harder to find someone who is willing to sit at the bench with you without any requests.

I have a family who is quite close-knit if you see so, but to dig deep down into the facade of family gatherings and lavish gift givings, we do share a sense of cautious words and behaviors around each other. We don’t share the same dreams, we don’t share the same path, and we don’t share the same feelings which pulls us apart from each other until mandatory moments of family reunion.

Friends, who comes and go. Friends whose been with you for decades can sometimes change. Journeys in their life dictates the changing course of relationship of friendship and sometimes the loneliness remains within you. Longing for someone to care for you.

To find a partner who is willing to share the space with you, either through that one bench or through the thousand mile travel, is as precious a finding a gem in the middle of a vast ocean. It may be destined for some, but it may a harder destiny for others. Therefore, cherish the people around you this moment and do not fear to take the initiative to ask them to share the bench with you.


Photography by MP

Rainbow Art Bench in Reading, PA.

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