Who is Jesus?

As a Catholic, I can’t release myself from the doubts of Who is Jesus? Although I call myself a Catholic, I go to Mass every Sunday, I try to understand the meanings of the Bible, there are so many doubts and questions that still lurks inside my mind. The inquiries and curiosity sometimes pulls my faith from believing the teachings of Christ. One of the most simple questions that I can’t seem to resolve today is, why did Jesus Christ decide to originate his teachings and beginnings in Israel? Because of the geographic location of his birth, his teachings are easily spread among the European countries and Middle Eastern countries as compared to countries like Japan who is much farther away? Does that mean that Jesus forgot about the Japanese people or that Japanese people had to wait a little longer for his teachings to reach them? Why did Europeans and people from Israel had an advantage over the fact that they got first-hand accounts from Jesus? If Christ wanted to spread his teachings to the world, why is it only reaching 2.2 billion people and not rest of the 4.7 billion people in the world? Jesus has the power and is far more capable of convincing people to believe in him, but why are we losing more than half of the population in the world without having faith in Jesus?

There is something within me that can’t be explained regarding my faith in Jesus but to convince someone to believe in Him and to put an explanation to some of my questions, it sometimes is a struggle for me.


Photography by MP.

The Gutenberg Bible @ the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

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