If I could fly, where would I fly?

I wish I had a ticket to anywhere… one of the most regrets or struggles in my life thus far is finding the freedom that can relieve me from all the burden I thought I needed to carry throughout the years. I’ve never gotten to explore the things I want on my own, my decisions revolve around people in my family, and my life is coming to a change. With new a new career, with a new age, with new financial burdens, and a new time that the need to dream for my future is getting closer and closer, it really scares me. I, sometimes, hope for a moment where I can be alone, alone without any external influence, without any interference, where I can actually dream of where I can fly. I want to spread my wings and fly as far as I can, see the things that I haven’t seen, experience the experience that I have lost, but is it really possible to reverse time and move forward?


Photography by MP

Aerial View, Unknown location, destination to Boston, MA, U.S.A.

3 thoughts on “If I could fly, where would I fly?

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    1. Omg, my favorite place in the United States. Although I haven’t traveled to all the states in the U.S., but based on the places I have traveled, Boston is my #1 city where I would want to live in 🙂 Such a beautiful area!


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