Escaping the Grounds of the Earth

“If the world came to a standstill, I would like to be above in the skies”

“When we think we can escape the grounds of the earth, we are encaptured in a bigger circle of the unknown universe”


Once again, another photo in the skies. Today, another part of me wants to escape the place where I am at. I try avoid retracing footsteps, I try avoid referring back to unwanted thoughts, but sometimes you just can’t escape your fears. But that sudden rush of fearfulness has washed away as I look through my old photos, as I reminisce the moments where I’m way high in the skies noticing this unknown place where we call earth, is probably just a temporary place of being for everyone as I know there’s got to be something behind this even bigger than our minds can imagine. Reflecting on how my fears are like the slightest dust on earth, I retrieve my confidence and move forward with my steps, knowing that perhaps the future holds something else for me to look forward to.


Photography by MP

Unknown location; En route to Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A.


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