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Time Is Not to be Reversed

I have never been able to hold on to time, no one has, I believe. When I left high school, I miss my high school days, when I left college, I miss my college days, and I’m sure there will many days that I will miss as I look back to where I am now. But at this moment, something lurking within me puts me back to a place where it is now in my memory. I wish I could just reverse time where I would be sitting with my cup of coffee on top of a building in my college campus. I had found myself this quiet place where you were able to observe what was going on in the heart of the campus while hiding myself from the massive crowd of people in the floors below. I used to hate sitting through all the hours waiting for my next class to begin, I never learned the word patience and to spend time with myself. It was not until all of that ended that I began to miss the old days of where I should have appreciated the beauty of spending time with myself.

Although I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to let time pass, because the best moments that I try preserve will always remain in my heart. No one is able to take away the feeling, emotions, and photo that will always remind me of what I hope to not forget. Many people ask for one more second in life and they can’t even hold on to it, so if we have the time, let’s be happy where we are so that when we look back at another time, we are able to leave a smile on our face.


Photography by MP

George Mason University Campus, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.


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