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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Readers,

I am so excited and over the moon surprised to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Simply Dee (in D.C.).  Thank you so much  Simply Dee (in D.C.) for the wonderful nomination and for thinking of my blog when you received your nomination.  Simply Dee (in D.C.) is an amazing blog that everyone should go and check it out now! The posts are motivating, humorous, and purposeful that no doubt many readers and followers enjoy visiting and reading it everyday. The wonderful updates in her blog makes you craving for more as you make connections and bring more into your life through the writings in her lens. I am absolutely thankful for Simply Dee (in D.C.)‘s nomination and I can’t wait to continue to follow up with your wonderful posts 🙂


The rules for the versatile bloggers award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers for the award

Here are 7 things about myself 🙂 I’ll try to refrain myself from getting you bored! 🙂

  1. I speak four languages! I speak English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and French. I don’t know if I should say French is one of them, but I did take it in high school and in college so I should (hopefully) be able to communicate some basic words if I ever get to use my French 🙂 In fact, I am about 15% French in blood since my Grandma is mixed. Anyhow, I guess it’s somewhat good to be able to put this on my “skills” section of my resume 🙂
  2. I have not traveled to anywhere outside of North America and I am desperately waiting for an opportunity to explore the other 6 continents in the world 🙂 I live in the United States and have traveled to Canada and Mexico for vacation trips, but I definitely do not want to miss out on the wonderful things going on the world elsewhere and my goal is to do some traveling within the next year 🙂
  3. I am never tired of Korean and Indian food. Yes, you can use the word “obsessed” for this and I mean it. I am endlessly craving for Korean and Indian food. I guess I just love the spices and strong tasting for food and both of these cultures are able to really bring those taste out well in their food dishes 🙂
  4. My favorite places to go when I am not at work are the museums and visitor sites in Washington D.C. Living in Northern Virginia gives me an advantage of visiting these places at close proximity so why not take advantage of it? Especially as a history teacher, I can’t pass up on these places 🙂
  5. I was never a writer or a photographer so I am quite surprised myself that I am actually getting this blog going up until now. In fact, I suck at writing, have always been corrected with red marks on my papers my whole life and never thought I did well writing my papers even in graduate school. But I am so glad that blogging is whole other experience where I can express myself freely without rules and write my thoughts without following a rubric 🙂 And for photography? Never was a professional, but I am always thankful for all the softwares out there that helps me brush up my photos a little bit before publishing 🙂
  6. One of my hobbies is collecting money (paper currency and coins) around the world. I have over 100 countries’ currencies from around the world. It’s actually quite fascinating to spend afternoons in stores or online looking for currencies that I don’t have yet and then coming home and searching up the history behind those countries in the years that the money was circulated. Am I a billionaire? Yes, I am, if you count the Zimbabwe 2008 billion dollar notes! Haha 🙂
  7. Why did I start blogging? Well, since I don’t have much people to share my thoughts with, I thought blogging would give me a community of bloggers who share the common conversations that I needed. It’s always great to see that your words have a listener and with all the things clogged in my mind on certain days, it’s great to share it with the world. So to close up about me, I gotta say thank you to all of you reading my posts or simply visiting my blog, it really does mean a lot to me and it’s great to know that someone out there is listening to my voice 🙂


Here are some fantastic bloggers that I have met during my short amount of time spent blogging so far, but they have been amazing and brought so much more wisdom into my life. There so many good bloggers that it was hard for me to list all, but please give your support to the list of bloggers below and follow them if you can, and I’m sure you’ll learn so much more from them 🙂 And here I nominate these bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award –


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      1. That happens sometimes and it makes the heart swell up with joy knowing people appreciate your blog that much! You are very welcome, my friend! 😁


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