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A Storm May Come Your Way

“A storm may come your way, but that’s okay, prepare for it, and make yourself be strong in front of it instead of leaving it behind you and running away.”

“Storms are meant to show your vulnerability and it’s up to you to decide what to do with your vulnerability.”

“Why fear storms? Another storm means another bright sunny day is coming after.”


So, I’ve meant to say this earlier, but haven’t found the chance until now. With this photo depicting a storm, my thoughts go to the Thailand soccer team that was trapped in the cave a few weeks ago. My family has never followed news so closely as this one and with constant prayers in our family throughout the day, we were overly excited that everyone in the soccer team and their coach were rescued safely. That was a big storm that I’m sure will have a lifetime impact to all involved, but the sun shines on these beautiful families with hope that their boys would come out safely. And there it is, the bright future is awaiting everyone who had tirelessly been affected and it has no doubt brought unity among the world. It was just so incredible to see so many good people out there helping each other out as well as the miracle that brought these kids out of danger. Thailand is no where near I’m living yet humanity has brought it so close to home. I had to mention this in a post even though the world has mention it countless times!


Photography by MP

The Sky of Northern Virginia


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  1. I especially love that last quote! I actually hadn’t heard about this (I guess I don’t really follow the news :P) but I’m so glad they all made it out safely! Praise the Lord! Your words were also very touching. ❀ Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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