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An Empty Field

This is the field view from the teacher workroom of the school that I work at. It’s funny to see how this empty field be filled with people as the school year began. So it really gave me a thought –

The environment doesn’t change, it’s the people that change it. Whether it’s this empty field or someplace else, things remain the way they are, but it’s us, as humans, that have the capability of bringing emptiness or noise to the place. And sometimes we need to search for the people to fill up the emptiness, but remember that emptiness is not forever, because even the most deserted place on earth, there would be someone to find it.

Hopefully all the empty places around us will be filled up one by one πŸ™‚


Photography by MP

Northern Virginia, U.S.A.

p.s. It’s been so busy around that I have not been able to respond or comment on people’s posts, but I absolutely value the blogging community and all the visitors for the continuous support πŸ™‚ Hope to see you all around! Thank you!


22 thoughts on “An Empty Field

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  1. This post touched my soul, MP. So, so true that the people and their spirits can bring life to such empty places. Beautifully written and a wonderful thought! ☺️

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