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Is It Clear Enough For Us?

"I see no clouds in the sky. I can see a clearer view of what the sky really looks like and I finally realize what's above me." "We face forward when we walk, we look down at our steps when we walk, but do we notice what's up above us everyday as we walk right... Continue Reading →

Be T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R

It's so great to see how these beautiful trees have drooping leaves and flowers that stay so tight together with each other. To be at one place at the same time, One time is good enough, Gather those moments for Everlasting memory. Together we stay close, Hoping it will never end. Everyday I wake up,... Continue Reading →

Behind My Window

What can you see behind my window? Really, there's not much to see. I barely captured the corn field you see on the ground nor did I capture a great view of how big or what shape this building is like. The sky doesn't get it's own view either. But the change in position such... Continue Reading →

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