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About Me & Note to Guests

Bonjour Guests,

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. There is no doubt that every single view of my posts brings me joy. The joy and warmth comes from the feeling of knowing that someone is listening to me. As a quite reserved and introvert individual, I am comforted to be able to discover a place where I can voice my feelings and wonders with other individuals who are willing to take a second to indulge in my words and visuals. A little perspective on my life is that I try to be positive as much as I can by intaking the energy from the people and environment around me. I majored in history in college and there’s a special place in me that somehow gets me seeking adventures at the museums and historical sites. Not only will you find some of my historical references and places in my blog posts, but my students find it all the time in my classroom. I am a history teacher who initially got into the educational field blindfolded but as the interaction on the job continued, I unknowingly have developed an interest and a love for teaching history. I hope to be able to bring my thoughts, knowledge, and simple words as a communication tool in this blog to connect my world of interaction to a closer view. You will also occasionally find or discover my travel adventures through my posts and photos 🙂

Hopefully, with a a short quote, a little thought, a travel distance, & 1 photo to share with the world, conveys the meaning of my blog 🙂

It would be my honor to read of any of your comments and all thoughts are very much appreciated.



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Why JCL? – It stands for Journey Called Life 🙂


I was also very lucky enough to be nominated for these awards and this is definitely a huge encouragement for me to keep going 🙂 A little bit more about me from these posts:

The Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

The Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

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