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Be T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R

It's so great to see how these beautiful trees have drooping leaves and flowers that stay so tight together with each other. To be at one place at the same time, One time is good enough, Gather those moments for Everlasting memory. Together we stay close, Hoping it will never end. Everyday I wake up,... Continue Reading →


Walking past this pole and seeing how unique each block was carved, I had a sudden inspiration for writing 🙂   Until you are able to appreciate your beauty, No one will. It may be beneath several layers, Question yourself whether you looked for it. Unless you are able to realize the beauty of your... Continue Reading →


I once made my students write an acrostic poem. I didn't know how hard it was. Until now. But suddenly my thoughts flow and I wanted to create one, so here it is -   Go for the gold and let your sight extend far and wide Only to find you are lost in the... Continue Reading →

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