How Deep Can We Go?

We can probably measure how deep the waters are, but can we be sure that there's nothing under it if we keep on digging? What's on the surface and what's beneath might not be all that there is in life. We are always asked to dig deeper before making judgments, before having opinions, before concluding,... Continue Reading →

Time Is Not to be Reversed

I have never been able to hold on to time, no one has, I believe. When I left high school, I miss my high school days, when I left college, I miss my college days, and I'm sure there will many days that I will miss as I look back to where I am now.... Continue Reading →

Escaping the Grounds of the Earth

"If the world came to a standstill, I would like to be above in the skies" "When we think we can escape the grounds of the earth, we are encaptured in a bigger circle of the unknown universe"   Once again, another photo in the skies. Today, another part of me wants to escape the... Continue Reading →

How much can we calculate in life?

Two thoughts run through my mind when taking this photo - How much can we calculate in life with just a machine? It's impossible to calculate how much love we have for one another, it's impossible to calculate how much faith or trust we have in one another, and it is impossible to calculate even... Continue Reading →

If I could fly, where would I fly?

I wish I had a ticket to anywhere... one of the most regrets or struggles in my life thus far is finding the freedom that can relieve me from all the burden I thought I needed to carry throughout the years. I've never gotten to explore the things I want on my own, my decisions... Continue Reading →

“I cannot live without books” – TJ

It's massive, it's unbelievable, there's so many choices... yep! It's the library! You have so many books to choose from, you don't know which ones! Who actually spends their time in the library searching for the perfect books nowadays? Or would you rather search movies on Netflix to kill time? Well, to quote it from... Continue Reading →

Who is Jesus?

As a Catholic, I can't release myself from the doubts of Who is Jesus? Although I call myself a Catholic, I go to Mass every Sunday, I try to understand the meanings of the Bible, there are so many doubts and questions that still lurks inside my mind. The inquiries and curiosity sometimes pulls my... Continue Reading →

Unexplicable Blossoms

Have you ever wondered who created the wonderful nature? As simple as cherry blossoms providing a radiant bloom in the springtime, who can explain why this is occurring? Sure, you can predict, you can dissect in terms of science, but where did this all started? It is impossible to think that there is no special... Continue Reading →

Seeking A Sense of Peace

Whether you have aspirations that would bring peace worldwide or just looking to seek peace within your minds and soul, either big or small, it not something easy to achieve. Just the moment when I had thought it would be in my hands, it was blown away without a trace. Nevertheless, never give up on... Continue Reading →

Filling Up A Bench

I ask myself,¬†how hard is it to fill up a bench with people around you? In fact, it may not be hard if you give incentives to ask strangers to pose with you at a bench, but it may be much harder to find someone who is willing to sit at the bench with you... Continue Reading →

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