When Faces Become Numbers

I've heard a history teacher once teach her students the importance of personalizing individuals in history books. She explains the approximate numbers of casualties most history books provide in which become unclear pictures of the event as numbers of casualties or deaths comes into the millions, we lose the few hundreds or few one-digits that... Continue Reading →

“Every Stamp, Every Letter…”

"Every stamp, every letter, no matter how far it have may have been, will reach the reader if it was meant to be" "Save your letters, you never know when you'll want to read them again" Love the statement in the photo - "Every stamp tells a story"   Photography by MP U.S. National Postal... Continue Reading →

Writings That Are More Than Words On A Paper

You may have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but why are these thousands of words preserved so cautiously until today? In this bookshelf, you will find the most original famous writings of Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Locke, etc. These are the writings that have been preserved for hundreds of years.... Continue Reading →

How much can we calculate in life?

Two thoughts run through my mind when taking this photo - How much can we calculate in life with just a machine? It's impossible to calculate how much love we have for one another, it's impossible to calculate how much faith or trust we have in one another, and it is impossible to calculate even... Continue Reading →

Who is Jesus?

As a Catholic, I can't release myself from the doubts of Who is Jesus? Although I call myself a Catholic, I go to Mass every Sunday, I try to understand the meanings of the Bible, there are so many doubts and questions that still lurks inside my mind. The inquiries and curiosity sometimes pulls my... Continue Reading →

Seeking A Sense of Peace

Whether you have aspirations that would bring peace worldwide or just looking to seek peace within your minds and soul, either big or small, it not something easy to achieve. Just the moment when I had thought it would be in my hands, it was blown away without a trace. Nevertheless, never give up on... Continue Reading →

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