A Storm May Come Your Way

"A storm may come your way, but that's okay, prepare for it, and make yourself be strong in front of it instead of leaving it behind you and running away." "Storms are meant to show your vulnerability and it's up to you to decide what to do with your vulnerability." "Why fear storms? Another storm... Continue Reading →

Chasing for What is Ahead

Have you ever chased for what's ahead of you? "Staying on track is great, but never doubt that you can leave that track and still chase for what's ahead in another direction" "Keep moving forward, because you may never what's waiting ahead of you. You may think you're familiar with that road, you may predict... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Readers, I am so excited and over the moon surprised to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Simply Dee (in D.C.).  Thank you so much  Simply Dee (in D.C.) for the wonderful nomination and for thinking of my blog when you received your nomination.  Simply Dee (in D.C.) is an amazing blog that... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Visitors, I am beyond utter amazement and grateful that I have been nominated by krishnapriya108 for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity as I have just started my blog less than 3 weeks ago. The blog visitors and community that I have come to know had unexpectedly brought me warm... Continue Reading →


I once made my students write an acrostic poem. I didn't know how hard it was. Until now. But suddenly my thoughts flow and I wanted to create one, so here it is -   Go for the gold and let your sight extend far and wide Only to find you are lost in the... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, We Go Searching For That Light

Sometimes, we, or at least I do, go searching for that light where we hope it would guide us to the path we desire. I absolutely admire the saying of "When there's darkness, there will always be a small window of light opened for us"; however, sometimes, we lose ourselves in darkness where we fail... Continue Reading →

When Faces Become Numbers

I've heard a history teacher once teach her students the importance of personalizing individuals in history books. She explains the approximate numbers of casualties most history books provide in which become unclear pictures of the event as numbers of casualties or deaths comes into the millions, we lose the few hundreds or few one-digits that... Continue Reading →

Streams Continue To Flow

"Streams continue to flow when we want it not to, because sometimes we can't control things that are for a higher force than us." "In the swift moving currents of the streams, can we ever imagine it coming to a halt?" "A beautiful day, a gorgeous view, a flowing stream, a ray of sunshine, where... Continue Reading →

How Deep Can We Go?

We can probably measure how deep the waters are, but can we be sure that there's nothing under it if we keep on digging? What's on the surface and what's beneath might not be all that there is in life. We are always asked to dig deeper before making judgments, before having opinions, before concluding,... Continue Reading →

Time Is Not to be Reversed

I have never been able to hold on to time, no one has, I believe. When I left high school, I miss my high school days, when I left college, I miss my college days, and I'm sure there will many days that I will miss as I look back to where I am now.... Continue Reading →

Escaping the Grounds of the Earth

"If the world came to a standstill, I would like to be above in the skies" "When we think we can escape the grounds of the earth, we are encaptured in a bigger circle of the unknown universe"   Once again, another photo in the skies. Today, another part of me wants to escape the... Continue Reading →

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