Walking Down The Unknown Path

Have you ever walked down a path that is so unfamiliar that you realize you really want to turn back to the original place? It's okay if we had walked down an unknown path and it doesn't matter how far we've walked, but it's important for us to know when we need to turn back.... Continue Reading →


Can You See Beyond What’s In Front?

"We have things in front of us that may distract our perception, but we have the control to discern what's really behind it." "The background remains static, but we can decide our position on how to see it"   Hope everyone is doing well and is seeing the world through different lens 🙂   Photography... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Readers, I am so excited again to post about my Blogger Recognition Award Nomination all thanks to Soundarya Sriram @ dragonsinmycoffee! She is an amazing blogger who is dedicated to create wonderful writings that inspire, entertain, and attract her readers. Please visit her blog, follow, and continue to get updates from her amazing... Continue Reading →

Step Closer ‘Til You See It

"Take a step closer to where you are standing, it may give you a whole different view" "Sometimes we need to see things our eyes doesn't tell us to see, so take control on what you can see." "We refuse to take a closer look because it takes time, we give up our options to... Continue Reading →


Walking past this pole and seeing how unique each block was carved, I had a sudden inspiration for writing 🙂   Until you are able to appreciate your beauty, No one will. It may be beneath several layers, Question yourself whether you looked for it. Unless you are able to realize the beauty of your... Continue Reading →

Struggle With Time

I'm not sure if you do, but I struggle with feeling satisfied in using my time. That term, "use your time wisely" has struck me to another level. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed by things to do and sometimes I sit still and do nothing, but I constantly ask myself, "Am I wasting time?" I... Continue Reading →

A Storm May Come Your Way

"A storm may come your way, but that's okay, prepare for it, and make yourself be strong in front of it instead of leaving it behind you and running away." "Storms are meant to show your vulnerability and it's up to you to decide what to do with your vulnerability." "Why fear storms? Another storm... Continue Reading →

Chasing for What is Ahead

Have you ever chased for what's ahead of you? "Staying on track is great, but never doubt that you can leave that track and still chase for what's ahead in another direction" "Keep moving forward, because you may never what's waiting ahead of you. You may think you're familiar with that road, you may predict... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Readers, I am so excited and over the moon surprised to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Simply Dee (in D.C.).  Thank you so much  Simply Dee (in D.C.) for the wonderful nomination and for thinking of my blog when you received your nomination.  Simply Dee (in D.C.) is an amazing blog that... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!!!

Dearest JCL Visitors, I am beyond utter amazement and grateful that I have been nominated by krishnapriya108 for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity as I have just started my blog less than 3 weeks ago. The blog visitors and community that I have come to know had unexpectedly brought me warm... Continue Reading →

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