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Behind My Window

What can you see behind my window? Really, there's not much to see. I barely captured the corn field you see on the ground nor did I capture a great view of how big or what shape this building is like. The sky doesn't get it's own view either. But the change in position such... Continue Reading →

What Makes The Morning A “Good Morning”?

This is the view that I get every morning I drive to my workplace, except on cloudy or rainy days. It's phenomenal to see how such a beautiful view could exist right before my eyes and I am grateful that I am able to see it. It can be glaring and it absolutely wakes you... Continue Reading →

Can Two Steps Be One?

Have you ever wondered if you could just skip a step and go on to the next? Whether it's a simple direction or a stage in life, we all want to just skip steps and get to whatever final destination we are reaching for. Maybe skipping a step or even multiple steps won't make a... Continue Reading →

An Empty Field

This is the field view from the teacher workroom of the school that I work at. It's funny to see how this empty field be filled with people as the school year began. So it really gave me a thought - The environment doesn't change, it's the people that change it. Whether it's this empty... Continue Reading →

What A Beautiful World

I really have to say this, the world is beautiful. But it is only beautiful to people who are able to see it. I am so lucky and blessed to be in the part of the world where I can see beauty. Sometimes the feeling of simply being able to walk down a peaceful park,... Continue Reading →

Walking Down The Unknown Path

Have you ever walked down a path that is so unfamiliar that you realize you really want to turn back to the original place? It's okay if we had walked down an unknown path and it doesn't matter how far we've walked, but it's important for us to know when we need to turn back.... Continue Reading →

Struggle With Time

I'm not sure if you do, but I struggle with feeling satisfied in using my time. That term, "use your time wisely" has struck me to another level. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed by things to do and sometimes I sit still and do nothing, but I constantly ask myself, "Am I wasting time?" I... Continue Reading →

A Storm May Come Your Way

"A storm may come your way, but that's okay, prepare for it, and make yourself be strong in front of it instead of leaving it behind you and running away." "Storms are meant to show your vulnerability and it's up to you to decide what to do with your vulnerability." "Why fear storms? Another storm... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, We Go Searching For That Light

Sometimes, we, or at least I do, go searching for that light where we hope it would guide us to the path we desire. I absolutely admire the saying of "When there's darkness, there will always be a small window of light opened for us"; however, sometimes, we lose ourselves in darkness where we fail... Continue Reading →

When Faces Become Numbers

I've heard a history teacher once teach her students the importance of personalizing individuals in history books. She explains the approximate numbers of casualties most history books provide in which become unclear pictures of the event as numbers of casualties or deaths comes into the millions, we lose the few hundreds or few one-digits that... Continue Reading →

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